With smooth and delicate appearance,and a simple and modern design of wallpaper which perfectly interprets the combination of nature and fashion. The natural color and texture are very suitable for the simple or Nordic style.

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Natural and realistic,easy to look after,suitable for home or small business.

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Wood Grain

Colorful and luxurious style,let your house feels like a wooden house but has the characteristics of modern houses,enjoying double feelings.

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Plain Color

Simple installation,no need to worry about the misregister,full use to reduce waste of wallpaper.

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High Gloss & Flash Point

Colorful, beautiful, practicality,wide application, used in wall, tile, wooden furniture.Make your home full of fun.

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Different kinds of styles,modern or traditional,elegant or trendy,no matter what you want,there is always one for you.

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Shining,attractive,stick on your cabinet which will look like brand new one,and it will become the focus of kitchen

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