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Runyi's Introduction of New Laminated Machine

Date:2018-08-08 Source:Runyi Wallspace Author:Runyi Click:

Qingyuan factory-August 8, 2018 -a new laminated machine is in place and Runyi is organizing a mechanical commissioning.With a stable frame and precise transmission system,production capacity of this laminated machine is 60 meter/minute.Up to 120 meter/minute after auto lamination and connection system ready.With simple structure of gluing head,rapid gluing makes PVC decorative film avoids excessive heating when it passes through the gluing head whose working temperature reaches 130-150℃,therefore,no distortion and stretching.
“This year Runyi is planning to expand our production range,the machine will help us to fully use our PVC decorative film's production capacity. Moreover, new integrated wallboard is being started up into market.That will help us easier to control the integrated wallboard's quality.”—senior management team of the company,commented on the machine recently.